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The best way to attract more genuine social media followers is to increase your following and engagement. Get the traffic on Instagram that you have always desired once you buy Instagram auto likes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? Check out the most frequently asked questions and you may contact us through our support team.

1. Which Likes packages are available?

To satisfy demand from both newly established influencers and established corporate accounts, Thinkvetter provides a wide variety of Instagram services. In order of popularity, our three most popular packages are 100 Auto Likes, 500 Auto Likes, and 1500 Auto Likes. A package of 1500 Auto Likes is genuinely in demand.

Our 1000 Auto Likes package and 500 Auto Likes are what we believe will be most helpful if all you want to do is increase engagement. While medium-sized accounts will welcome packages of 100 and 250 Instagram likes monthly, respectively, as these two are generally thought to be the best packages for getting your post picked up and spread up on Instagram. Then there are the powerful packages like 500 Auto Likes, 1000 Auto Likes, and 1500 Auto Likes package, which offer excellent value at the crucial moment.

A few extra options are also available at checkout that offers excellent value.
The next time you purchase views on Thinkvetter, check them out.

2. Why should you purchase Instagram AutoLikes?

Instagram is used by 125 million people daily and more than 1 billion people monthly. If you have no followers and no likes on Instagram, it is completely useless. This is where we come in. We’ll provide you with the auto Instagram likes your account deserves and increases your visibility among your target demographic. Buying Instagram auto likes also saves you time since you can choose any number of likes you want.

3. Why do our Instagram likes work automatically?

We have offered incredible organic growth services for Instagram ever since its launch. As a comprehensive package, we offer IGTV views, auto followers, and Instagram post comments. Thinkvetter has delivered outstanding results to well over 500,000 customers.

4. Why choose us if you want to purchase Instagram impressions?

At Thinkvetter, we follow ethical methods to deliver post impressions. you won’t have to worry about bots planting false or nonexistent impressions when you buy Instagram impressions from us. Our techniques are secure, dependable, practical, and private.

5. Do I need to share my Instagram password with you?

You click the follow button to subscribe to someone on Instagram. That is how our system operates; there is nothing we do to your account. Apps that promise to increase your following frequently ask for access to your account. We strongly advise against using those as Instagram is able to identify them and frequently bans or freezes accounts that use them.

6. What role does Instagram likes play in the development of a new account?

New accounts receive very few likes and are hardly ever noticed. It will take a lot of time for the algorithm to find them and begin to provide likes. Users will not be able to notice your posts right away due to this. If you buy Instagram likes, the process moves more quickly, and organic growth will soon follow.

7. Does watching your own video on Instagram count as a view?

Everybody wonders whether Instagram will give you credit for views when you watch your own videos, a very straightforward but important question. Well, Instagram will count your video as having been viewed if you watch it for longer than three seconds after posting it to your profile. When you watch the video you have posted on your page, for three seconds or longer, you will notice a count increase. But, you cannot do this all day to get the algorithm’s attention. You can buy Instagram reels views if you want more views.

8. Can I substitute video views for likes?

Instagram’s views and likes are so dissimilar, that this is not possible. The number of likes an account receives on Instagram will be used to determine its popularity rather than the total number of views. Views are essential for the videos’ social proof and for increasing their organic reach.

9. What do I need to do to grow my Instagram followers and likes?

Thinkvetter makes it very simple to gain followers and likes on Instagram. To help our customers improve their social media stats, we offer a variety of services and packages. Your posts will receive more likes if you choose the best one. An available package list will appear once you select a service. Pick the option you believe is most appropriate for your post. We’ll help you to promote your post if you provide us with the URL and pay our fee. To buy Instagram followers, you must provide a link to your profile. For the best outcomes, we advise you to create a solid promotion strategy that makes use of our services to increase your profits.

10. Are automatic Instagram likes, followers, views, or impressions safe to purchase?

Thinkvetter makes sure that services are provided that lessen the suspicion of using engagement services, buying services on Instagram is absolutely safe. We make use of drip-feed and randomization services to give you the flexibility to schedule your saves at specific intervals. Our Instagram services are used by thousands of pleased customers who keep coming back for more!